Document certification

also known as time-stamping or proof of existence, is one of the most obvious use cases for blockchain technology beyond digital currencies. Document certification consists in saving a tamper-proof timestamped fingerprint of a document (or binary file) on the blockchain. This basically serves as proof that the document existed in a certain version at a certain time and can be used to prove integrity of the file. That is, you can prove that a document has not been modified since its certification.
Use cases cover
  • proof of existence
  • proof of sender
  • Registering private contracts
  • Protecting copyright
  • Sealing log files
and any other case where file integrity is important. Each time You uploads a document, a transaction fee occurs, which is charged to your account.

  • Your confidential document is NOT uploaded to blockchain, signing happen in your browser.
  • Verify content, issuer & timestamp on the Ethereum blockchain for FREE

Available only in licensed version

  • Trusted Issuer checks
  • Expiration date
  • Document revocation
  • Document salting: Add an additional security layer to protect highly sensitive data
  • Custom landing page for document verification
  • Monetize document verification