eCertify Admin

Trusted/verified issuers

Issuers marked with the green checkmark have been verified by a trusted and secure identity provider (verifier to be shown e.g. “verified by Disruptr”). They have provided proof that they are the real organisation behind this account. The identity is stored on the Disruptr smart contract.

In order to become a verified issuer, you must first be whitelisted by Disruptr. This requires verification that you are indeed representing your organisation and a one-time set-up fee. Disruptr verify the identity of the contact person of the organisation and require proof of this person’s authority to register the organisation with us. The settlement of the bill sent to the organisation is additional proof.

Want to become a verified issuer? Contact us!


  • Enter 0xdb0D42a4b61CeCD3d342d03137C64C0DAaD53151 in "trusted Issuer public key" and click "Get Issuer"
  • "Add Issuer" can only be run by Disruptr admins
  • "Remove Issuer" can only be run by Disruptr admins

Issuer Custom fees

Set a custom fee per issuer